25 Years & 12,000 Satisfied Customers!

Edwards & Associates Consulting Inc. is a Global Consulting Company whose Training Courses and Consulting work is used in 160 countries.  Founded in 1994, E&A specializes in Automobile Dealership Fixed Operations Consulting and Training and Research.  E&A’s Mission is to help our customers BEAT their competition by improving their Employees’ Skills, their Customer’s Perception of their Business, and most importantly their Profits.


Edwards & Associates offers a wide range of consulting services to its clients.  Our services include Collision Shop Consulting, Service Consulting, High Performance Production Systems, Special Consulting, SWOT Evaluations, Continuing Consulting Assistance and Monthly Trending.


Edwards & Associates strongly believes in continuing education for our clients. In order to achieve this, we enroll all of our clients into a Master Minds Group when their training has been completed. Edwards & Associates currently has the Fixed Operations Master Minds Group.


Edwards & Associates’ offers a wide range of research for the automotive industry.  Contact us for more information.