Collision Consulting

Body Shop Management & Profit Improvement Program

The E&A Body Shop Management Program is designed to provide both the classroom training and in-dealership assistance needed to implement changes in the body shop operation.

Through a series of four on-site visits (totaling nine (9) days), and one 5-day management seminar the body shop manager is taught details of the E&A body shop management system. By spacing each on-site visit approximately 30 to 45 days apart the learning and implementation process is spread over a 90 to 120 day period. This allows for orderly implementation of changes without overwhelming people with more then they are capable of doing at one time.

Items addressed in this program:

•  SWOT Analysis
•  Competitive Market Evaluation
•  Financial Statement Analysis
•  Repair Order Analysis
•  Variable Labor Rates
•  Merchandising to Insurers
•  Estimate Closing
•  Job Pricing
•  Expense Control
•  Operating Procedures
•  Business Plans
•  Production Scheduling
•  Paint Scheduling
•  Production Systems
•  Paint & Material Control
•  Parts Control System
•  Estimate to R.O. System
•  Traffic Building
•  Customer Follow-up
•  Organizational Structuring
•  Pay Plans
•  Performance Tracking

The E&A Body Shop Management Program also includes one year of E&A weekly monitoring. This service provides weekly review of key performance indicators by E&A’s Consultant’s and telephone follow-up calls to dealership management when needed.

After the training and implementation is completed, your Collision manager will be enrolled in a Collision Managers Master Minds Group. Groups meet twice each year to review individual performance compared to the groups and to discuss best practices. An E&A Consultant monitors meetings and managers are held accountable by the group members for improving performance between meetings.

Program Content Review:

  • 11-Days of On-Site Consultation and Implementation
  • 3-Days of in-classroom training for the manager
  • 4-Days of Master Minds Meetings with other Collision Mangers
  • 1-Year of weekly review of Key Performance Indicators and Coaching by an E&A Consultant

Note: 3-day management seminars are held in our Charlotte offices quarterly