Continuing Consulting Assistance

E&A provides a special three-day evaluation for your service or collision department analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We also address revised methods required in order to achieve maximum sales and productivity from this department.

During the evaluation, our consultant will complete the following:

· A Market Survey to Determine Competitive Practices in the area
· An Analysis of Recent Repair Orders to Determine Current Work Mix Ratios, Effective Labor Rate and Quality of Repair Order/Estimate Write-up
· An Evaluation of Current Marketing Efforts
· An Evaluation of Current Customer Retention Methods
· An Evaluation of Service Appointment System
· An Evaluation of Customer Handling Processes
· An Analysis of Pricing Practices
· An Evaluation of Dispatching, Scheduling and Loading Systems

Following the evaluation, our consultant will review their findings with the Dealer and Manager. We will provide a projection of profit potential, recommend specific actions for improvement and provide a recommended Timing and Action Calendar with projected cost for implementing the changes.