Parts Consulting

The E&A Parts Department Profit Improvement Program objectives include increasing parts and labor sales, while improving customer satisfaction with their parts experience and retention. Additional objectives are to increase net operating profit, Train the Parts Manager to effectively manage the department and to update the current pricing structure through the use of E&A Variable Cost Matrix Pricing Process to deliver a higher gross profit.

•  SWOT Analysis

•  Competitive Market Analysis

•  Parts Financial Analysis

•  Repair Order Sales Mix Analysis

•  Parts Sales Type Mix

•  Family Pricing & Parts

•  Employee Turnover Analysis

•  Parts Sales to Net 20% Analysis

•  Facility Capacity Analysis

•  Counterperson Proficiency Analysis

•  Establishing Parts Goals

•  Inventory Depth/Breadth Analysis

•  Establish Competitive Pricing

•  Coaching & Assisting Manager Implement the Parts Merchandising

•  Organizational Structuring

•  Preparing Job Descriptions

•  Establishing Operating Procedures

•  Designing Effective Pay Plans

•  Weekly Performance Tracking of Key Items

Program Content Review:

•  12 Days of on-site Consulting Evaluation and One-on-One Coaching Sessions

               – Once every other month we will conduct operating process reviews, management performance reviews spending one day

                  in each department evaluating progress and making recommendations for improvement.

•  Enrollment for your Service Manager and up to two more individuals in the 3-Day E&A Service Manager College Course

•  Enrollment for your Parts Manager and up to two more individuals in the E&A 3-Day Parts Manager College Course

• Unlimited consulting and monitoring via e-mail, fax, and phone

Note: 3-Day Management Seminars are held in our Charlotte offices quarterly