SWOT Analysis

Continuing assistance is provided for our clients who have completed one of E&A’s profit improvement programs. It consists of quarterly on-site visits by an E&A Consultant to evaluate progress and provide on-gong assistance to achieve the maximum potential that exist in this department.

Many of our clients have gone from a money-loosing situation to a profitable department through the implementation of our programs. In addition, they have gone from profitable departments to departments that consistently produce over one million in net profit each year with superior CSI and customer retention.

Over 80% of E&A ‘s customers participate in our CSA programs.

During each on-site continuing service visit, an E&A consultant will perform the following services:

  • Ensure continued Progress and Implementation of the E&A Management System
  • Provide additional training and motivation to Key Personnel
  • Analyze the Operation to Identify Areas of Potential Improvement
  • Provide Plans of Action to Address Areas that Need Improvement
  • Share New Information and Management Techniques with Management
  • Ensure Maximum Profit for the Dealership