Client Testimonials

“I would like to thank you for the excellent seminar, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Your knowledge of the service industry is absolutely amazing. Thank you again.”


“E&A brought process and procedures to a dealership that had none in the past and as a result has brought them to 10th in the nation and a leader in our district with Toyota service performance.”

Larry Kropff, Jones Toyota Bell Air Md.

“We received the Infiniti Award of Excellence at our dealership for our CSI and Customer Retention in performance in service. This is largely due to the processes that Larry Edwards and his staff at Edwards & Associates have introduced, guided, implement and maintained. I personally credit Larry’s teaching skills with taking me to the next level in my automotive career, as an Executive Manager, which I never could have accomplished without his tutelage.”

Rick Hutchens, Harper Infinity

“In 2013 our Toyota dealership in Raleigh, NC obtained a top 50% status in the Southeast Toyota Distributors (SET) listing for customer service retention by exceeding a 3% increase over the past 12 months. As a result they received a check in the amount of $70,000 from SET as part of their retention bonus program. I just thought I would share this information with Edwards & Associates as you have been a big part of our success…Thank you!”

Jake Lowe, President, Anderson Automotive Group Raleigh, NC

“I’ve engaged my service personnel with other consultant programs and they come back with the “same ole same ole” but with E&A classes they always have some firepower that makes the difference. A direct result from that experience is an increase of our price per service ticket average from $165 to $240.”

Frank Nicotra, Anderson Toyota Charleston, SC

“The Edwards & Associates training is by far the best class of its kind I’ve ever attended. There was a mountain of information presented in a way that kept my attention and passion for the purpose of my attendance.”

Adam Nagy, Northeast Honda/BMW Owens Mill, MD

“E&A helped us develop a bonus program for our Express Technicians that increased the productivity and gross profit of that operation while adding to the Net Profit of Fixed Operations.”

Jay Cox, Anderson Nissan Ashville, NC

“We developed their Service Process Guide for their Parts Advisors that raised the Gross Profits of their Parts Department and captured revenue from accessories of parts that are often overlooked.”

Perry Brow, Anderson Nissan Ashville, NC

“The E&A classroom training is a key value proposition for process, procedures and the communication within the personnel of a dealer department but also to the large automotive dealer group as a whole. This aspect allows the dealership personnel within that automotive group to absorb and utilize the classroom training and what works across the dealer platform for everyone.”

Mike Henthorn, Anderson Kia Raleigh, NC

“I’ve been a faithful attendee in E&A classes for 6 years and counting. There is no way time can be used at work to learn this continuous education to stay on top of the industry trends without them. You can’t miss if you implement what you learn with E&A. In fact if you want to triple your Gross Profits attend these classes!”

Teresa Ratley, Anderson Auto Group, Fayetteville, NC

“I’ve been in the service/parts business for over 30 years and the service advisor classes that E&A has are the best I’ve ever attended within the industry. They create a Service Advisor and Parts Counter Personnel environment with Managers to leverage communication between all parties that has resulted in our highest CSI and customer retention.”

David Blackburn, Anderson Toyota Charleston, SC

“As a dealer group we have worked with E&A Consulting Services for over 8 years. A huge asset we have learned and implemented within the greeting process is the hiring of full time greeters that are crossed trained in communication with service advisors for appointment settings to provide a seamless, convenient and comfortable experience for the customer. This has impacted our service revenues through better CSI and CR which translates over the life time of ownership to significant revenue.”

Chris Culp, Casey BMW Newport News, VA

“What a difference your program has made. Gross profit is running at 72% (we struggled to get to 70% in the past!). Each day it seems the numbers improve!”

CW Fitzgerald, Casey Auto Group

“Larry, just a quick blog to let you know the status of business at Harper Infiniti. I listen to the media & other dealer’s day in & day out spreading “gloom & doom” and I wonder, am I just living right? Well, yes in a way. I am still constantly reviewing operations, shopping the competition, and all the other business operations you profess we do day-in & day-out. After 7 years of your “Continuous Education Program” we just closed ANOTHER year of “double digit” net profits in fixed operations. Thank you for your unending help, wisdom, and guidance in the automotive service and parts jungle. I am more than happy to show anyone the numbers we have produced since 2000 when I was given the opportunity to “learn from the master”. Hope your business was as good as ours was this past year (I would dare say it was). Just for the record we increased total sales 10% and net profit is up 10% over last year all while I added 2 add’l personnel and still retained #1 CSI in the nation with Infiniti with a 98.5%. Not bad for some ole country boys! Thanks again.”

Rick Hutchins, Harper Infiniti

“Dear Larry, It has been almost 30 days since the session we attended in your office. Thank you for a great course! We are busy working and formulating our plan to really grow this business. We have made quite a few changes so far that have affected our bottom line already. We consult your bible and our notes from you the guru daily. What is nice is that we are in control of the process with the insurance adjusters. They now try to fit to our estimates. We are now leading instead of following. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.”

John A. Busam, Busam Subaru

“Larry, I heard you speak in Dallas, TX last week at a NADA Dealer 20 group meeting and enjoyed every second of your presentation. I have been to the NADA Academy, NCM Boot Camp and listen to 100’s of presentations on what to do in a dealership. Your presentation was the most real and refreshing presentation in a LONG time. Thank you.”

Troy Nanninga, Fixed Ops Manager, The Western Motor Company, Inc.

“… After implementing Edwards & Associates “Collision Department Program” we have showed significant improvement. The fixed coverage has increased from 47% to 80%. The average monthly customer pay labor sales has doubled as well as the paint & materials gross profit.”

McCurry-Deck Motors, Inc.

“… Our dealerships have been involved with Edwards & Associates Master Minds group for over ten years. Many ideas that we have instituted have come directly from discussions and financial analysis that have taken place at the quarterly meetings. From Body Shop Production Management, to Parts Inventory Control, to Service Department Teams Systems; I have found that all E&A staff are extremely knowledgeable and insightful. Also, we have utilized their on-site consulting services as a second “set of eyes” for our Fixed Operations Departments. Each time, after implementing their recommendations, we have experienced measurable increases over prior performance. I highly recommend Edwards & Associates to anyone who is serious about moving their Fixed Operations business to the next level.”

Fred J Timbrook, President/CEO Timbrook Pontiac Cadillac GMC

“… Southeast Toyota has brought Edwards & Associates on board to facilitate our service performance groups in 2006. We felt a change was needed to help improve attendance and revitalize the interest of our senior retail manager group. Three rounds of meetings were held in Charlotte, Atlanta and Orlando with average attendance improving by 10 managers per session. The format change recommend by Larry Edwards has significantly helped the discussion both during the formal portion of the meetings and outside the sessions. Forum content has improved significantly and we feel the information presented during the sessions in 2006 will help take SET’s service business to the next level moving forward.”

Fred Ritenour, Southeast Toyota

“…I enjoy your articles, I’m the corporate service and parts director for the Fuccillo Automotive Group. We have fifteen dealerships in upstate New York, it’s a great group and I find your articles of great interest, I have been in the automobile business for many years, I have been with the Fuccillo Group for fourteen years and have seen many changes in the industry. If we only had a crystal ball!!! We would be able to figure out what drives the business, but we don’t so we rely on your articles.”

Jeffery Salisbury, Fuccillo Automotive Group

“When I was told I had to go to this meeting, I didn’t want to. After attending the meeting, I’m glad I did! Thanks!”

Patricia Engelman, Carr Chevrolet

“Instructor (Greg Field) has a lot of knowledge. Many years of experience in the real world. We need more instructors like Greg Field.”

Angel Castaneda, C Speck Motors

“This is the best seminar I have ever been to.”

Don Cohen, Curt Warner Chevrolet

“Need more classes like this”

Warren Moore, Town + Country Chevrolet

“Instructor (Greg Field) – very well led, very knowledgeable, had an anecdote for every example.”

Jason Fuller, McCurley Chevrolet


Thank you so much for being a part of the 2004 VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo. We have received great comments regarding your training on Sunday morning. You brought forth a lot of fresh new ideas and perspectives.

That is a difficult trait to find in management training in the independent automotive service industry these days! The executive directors of affiliates throughout the country meet in several weeks in San Antonio.

I will definitely put in a good word for you! They always ask about my experience with trainers! Hopefully this will send you a few new leads!

Again, it was a pleasure to work with you and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again. Sorry I didn’t get the opportunity to touch base with you before you left for your flight. I assume you made your flight okay!

We will be preparing the schedule for the 2005 event. If you have any courses that you think would be relevant to the independent industry (specifically mechanical), please forward the information my way.

Thanks again!”

Sheri Hamilton, Automotive Service Association of Missouri-Kansas (ASAMOKAN)

“Thanks for the informative class last week in Vegas. I enjoyed spending time with a consultant who uses real life experience instead of chalkboard philosophies to cover issues and time management concerns. Please send me the tool kit so I can continue to grow our business.”

Tom Finch, Gregg Young Chevrolet

“We finished Boston Training on Friday of last week. I woke today with three e-mails from Service Managers applauding the training. When I was in Fountain Valley I was impressed with the pilot and the Edwards and Associates delivered what they presented. The Service Managers can’t wait for the Service Consultant Training in June. I do have one question on that training. Will there be limited enrollments? We could probably double attendance for the service advisor level. Again, great job and kudo’s for the excellent training on behalf of the dealers.”

Kevin Cleary, Hyundai Motor America

“As a relatively new manager with no previous managerial experience, I really enjoyed your seminar. I found all the information very useful. I realize now that my Body Shop is very “OLD SCHOOL” and needs to be brought into the 21st Century. Just getting out of the construction trailer isn’t enough!!!”

Shelly Brockett, Don Mallon Chev-Olds-Cadillac

“On behalf of everyone involved in the 12th annual VISION Automotive Training and Expo, I would like to personally thank you for contributing to the incredible success of this event…Encompassing experts, like you, from all of these areas has helped VISION to become the huge success that it is today. VISION attendees expect high quality training taught by the nation’s leading automotive experts…we found that the attendees’ expectations were more than exceeded this year.”

Sheri L. Hamilton, VISION

“Since signing up with your company and implementing the processes and procedures of the Service Management Program, there has been a positive effect on our people, our customers, and our bottom line.”

Marcel Valois, Inskip.

“Edwards & Associates has given us the road map to success and it is our job to follow it.”

Robert Breedlove, Sam Swope Auto Group, Inc.

“It was with your advice and my willingness to follow it that allowed me to stay “in the black.”

Paul Fuller, Jim Hardman Pontiac

“Whenever our management team has utilized your company for in-house consulting services or attended a continuing education group, we always come away with the reminder not to stray from the basics of business, but also with a wealth of new ideas to try to implement so that we may stay abreast of the changes that are on-going in our industry. You certainly can take credit for having had a positive impact on each of our Fixed Operations Managers as well as our bottom line profitability.”

Michael Kehm, Allen Motor Company

“Through the utilization of Edwards & Associates, we have significantly improved our total body shop effort. Your in-depth analysis of our needs allowed us to implement a program to improve our people skills, our work quality, and most importantly, our productivity.”

Mark Thompson & John Reeves, Thompson Cadillac-Oldsmobile, Inc.

“Edwards & Associates’ help and direction allowed our Service Department to dramatically increase its profitability…and we continue to improve each year.”

Harold Jenkins, John Deery Motors

“Consultation with Edwards & Associates has helped our management and estimating teams discover new ways to increase productivity and profitability.”

Robert Charbeneau, McCombs Enterprises

“Our association is growing stronger because of the support of Edwards & Associates.”

Dave Barnard, Hampton Roads Autobody Association

“All consulting groups claim to have the magic formula for success. I believe that Edwards & Associates has no magic formula, but what they do have is tried and true methods that have been field tested.”

Robert Breedlove, Sam Swope Infiniti

“Thanks for the education and inspiration for the past three years…I’m still absorbing so keep it coming!”

Rick Hutchens, Harper Infiniti

“Edwards & Associates’ ability to analyze business operations, locate weaknesses and install systems and processes to correct them is amazing.”

James E. Norman, DeVoe Automotive Group

“I am pleased to announce since the introduction of Edwards & Associates to our dealership, sales have increased 28%. The training has proven to be invaluable combined with Gary’s honest straight forward presentation of materials and ethics in the work place. I would recommend the training to every dealer body shop beyond my market area. ”

Body Shop Manager, Kevin Knipper

Just wanted to say thanks for the great training class yesterday. Myself and my two employees enjoyed it.

Keep up the good work.

Mark A. StevensParts & Service Director--Fred Anderson Nissan-Fayetteville

“Gary, thanks for the great presentation. Your delivery is excellent and I understood every word. I love the idea of measuring by Bay Productivity. After my 43 years in Service Management, I haven’t considered that measurement. I would like a copy of the tools you mentioned in your closing statement.”

Joe Walker, Nanaimo Honda

“Dear Gary, I’m new to the business and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to sit in on your presentation. You mentioned you had some spreadsheets, slides and pay plans you were going to share.  Could you share them with me, please? Thank you so much!”

Harriet Curry

“Gary, this was my first time listening to a webinar– excellent presentation!  Because of the time difference I was not able to participate when this was happening, but I downloaded the slides. Can I get the audio too and listen to it again?  I would be grateful if you could share some of the tools you talked about.  Thanks again!”

Javaid A. Syed Business Development Manager, Hyundai Passenger Retail Sector